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About Us

Take your family, loved, colleagues or acquaintances on a culinary trip to the most beautiful corners of India. And that without having to travel to us Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. Further The delicious spices, the most pronounced spices and authentic service await you at our Indian restaurant in Amsterdam. Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant brings Indian cuisine to you!!

Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant is an exclusive and authentic Indian restaurant in Amsterdam where you can go for an unforgettable culinary journey without leaving Netherlands. In our stylish interior you will find yourself in the beautiful India. The colors, the scents and flavors come together symbiotically and create an atmosphere for a taste experience of unprecedented proportions. With a favorable price-quality, best service and the most diverse and delicious Indian specialties Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant distinguishes itself from many other similar restaurants. We offer a quantitatively impressive menu without compromising the quality concessions. Something for everyone. From very hot to significantly less hot, a full dining table to a small appetizer, when Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant has it all. With the typical Indian cooking spices and herbs our chef cook quickly and with attention to detail makes your dish ready. Our Indian restaurant offers space for groups and for a romantic dinner for two. Our interior echoes the unique atmosphere of the best dining in India. Chic and stylish, but with an eye on your wallet. Good quality does not have to be. Priceless by definition The experience you have at our Indian restaurant, is though. If you need further information or to make a reservation contact Shah Jahan Indian Restaurant. We expect you soon.

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